About Us

Chicky Farm Ltd

Chicky poultry farm is a pioneer in the integration of farming into financial technology. Chicky farm has developed its own unique investment concept to reintroduce farming in the digital era of online applications. Our digital investment farming was launched to help people who wanted to engage in farming but has no time to start one.

Through our well-trained management team and the dedication of our poultry farmers, we are able to adopt new technologies to provide the best care for our chickens and to create a positive impact in our environment. Registered company number OC360700.

Who are we?

Chicky Farmers are experienced and passionate people that delivers quality investment products and services. We are committed to continuously develop our competency in safe poultry farming and to create innovative solution that will benefit our investors.

What we do

Risk Factor

Chicky poultry farm offers low risk investment products.

Investors Safety

Investors can expect the safety return of their capital after the 4 weeks of investment term.


Chicky poultry farm is a highly scalable and liquid poultry farm company.


Chicken is the top most consumed meat in the world. We are farming the right productuction of agriculture.

Stability Of Income

Realistic return of investment and quick 4 weeks investment turn around.

Expectation Of Return

Enjoy your weekly profit directly from your personalized chicky poultry farm dashboard.

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